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Setup your rules

A powerful to set up anything.

Price of each icon, Lines, Free Spin, Scatter, Jackpot, Condition, Start Credit, Player Credit and much more.

Not stand here, the much feature will be added on the future.

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Just a few clicks, you can manage all of them easily.
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Currently, the plugin can edit (release - MAY 2019)

The credit of player.
Freespin of player

Game Manager:
Title, Thumbnail, Short text, Description, Active/Disable.
Jackpot Ratio, Scatter ratio, Ordering.

Icon Manager:
Name, Active/Disable Wild icon, Payout.
Condition of Freespin, Scatter, Jackpot.
Freetime if Freespin is active.

General Setting:
Start Credit, Start number of line, Start Bet amount, Minimum jackpot.
The number of display game per page.

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